“I would highly recommend both Chatty Nouns and Chatty Verbs as excellent tools in developing vocabulary, comprehension and spoken language for children throughout the primary school age.
The children love using the software as it is as fun, colourful and entertaining and we have seen significant progress for those children across the schools... an invaluable tool which is worth every penny!
Elaine Darwin - Headteacher
Irlam Primary, Salford
“After meeting Carole, we knew Chatty Nouns was the programme for us and after some reflection we decided to put out an in-house job advert to our year 6 pupils. We quickly had a workforce - our Y6 prefects who we called "Chatty Buddies". They had some training from the Chatty Team and were then able to carry out assessments and work with our younger children every day. It has been really successful and we have had a number of children making significant progress in their language development. We have also used the programme with children who have joined us mid-year with English as an Additional Language.
Tony McCoy - Headteacher
Sherdley Primary, St Helens
“Our school have been using Chatty Nouns now for almost a year and we are very pleased with this intervention. The software engages children and is simple enough for users. When used on a regular basis we have seen a vast improvement in vocabulary and understanding of language used by children with SEN and EAL children. Highly recommended!
Sheila McKeen - SENDCO
Legh Vale Primary, St Helens
“Their communication skills have progressed since taking part in Chatty Toolbox, with their confidence to communicate with friends and others growing. We are enjoying it and love how it is supporting the children.”
Kerri Murphy - Nursery Teacher
Roby Park Primary, Knowsley

Chatty Toolbox can help:

  • children from language-poor backgrounds
  • children with speech, language and communication needs
  • children with English as an additional language
  • children with complex needs – Autism, Down Syndrome
  • any learner in your class as it can extend vocabulary knowledge for the strongest learners


A study showed that Chatty Nouns software improved children’s vocabulary by as much as 40% after twice weekly intervention for 8 weeks.

With Chatty Toolbox, your staff won’t have to wait for external guidance or support to help children. Staff can quickly screen a child (less than ten minutes) to identify any vocabulary issues before using the software to take action and close the gaps.

Chatty Toolbox software packages run on tablets, laptops, desktops and smart boards. Any member of staff can use the software with any child. Parents can also log in so that they can support their child’s learning and boost impact.  You can also enable your older pupils to be as “Chatty Buddies” to be part of the vocabulary team supporting weaker or younger pupils.

Chatty Nouns software covers 180 essential nouns including categories such as body parts, animals, food, clothes, furniture, out & about, transport, toys and wild animals.

Chatty Verbs software covers 50 essential verbs that a child requires to express needs and build sentences.  It can also be used to develop use of pronouns, conjunctions, tenses – present, future and past and the development of irregular past tense verbs.

Chatty Topics – Vocabulary words selected by an experienced subject lead to reflect words which are tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 level. Provides support for the weakest and strongest vocabulary learners in your class. All screening and teaching resources available to use with no preparation to close word gaps, review and to consolidate subject learning.

Chatty Topics History  – vocabulary support for KS1 and KS2 topics such as Toys of past & present, The Great Fire of London, Romans, Greeks, Saxons & Vikings and WW2.

Chatty Topics Geography –  vocabulary support for KS1 and KS2 topics such as Weather & Seasons, My Local Area, Comparing Hot and Cold, Rivers, Volcanoes & Earthquakes, Case Study.

Chatty Topics Science –  vocabulary support for KS1 and KS2 topics such as Plants, Animals, Materials, Human Body, Forces & Magnets, Electricity.

Each package can be used to measure understanding or spoken vocabulary before and after a period of learning to show impact. The design of the software is based upon research and evidence and follows the sound principles of vocabulary learning as recommended by Vocabulary experts when working with children with language delays or EAL.

Chatty Toolbox can be purchased on a yearly subscription basis.  Prices for different modules from £395 per year + VAT

“At Astmoor Primary School, we use Chatty Nouns and Chatty Verbs with a number of children throughout the school in order to support their language development in various ways. Using the software has been very successful. The children respond positively to both the variety within the programme and the repetition which builds rapid progress along with confidence. We would recommend them to other schools for use with general language development and for specific vocabulary work."
Louisa Aldridge - Headteacher
Astmoor Primary, Runcorn
“We have been using Chatty Nouns for over a year now. We use it to support children in our Early Years and some children in KS1 who have poor language and communication. We have noticed an impact on children’s confidence and engagement in learning. Our Teaching Assistants love using it because there’s no preparation needed and the children find the games and activities engaging. The fact that parents can also use it at home also means that the parents are engaged in their learning too."
Nicola Kearney - Headteacher
Eaves Primary, St Helens